Photographs of the renovation from 1998/2000

  Jan 1998


This is what the house looked like when we
bought it in 1998.

However the studio (ex pig house and monks quarters) had already been renovated (3 rooms, very comfortable), so we lived there for 3 months until part of the house was habitable.  

Here are a few of photos of the renovation at its height. A complete rebuild would have been quicker!!    

    Feb 1999
The back of the house became the front, and a new skylight was added to let in light into the centre    
   April 1999      2002

We are extremely pleased with the end result. The new lawns were planted in September 2000, and we officially declared the renovation complete.

However it is never complete. The ruined chapel was stabilised in 2002 and the studio has been given a facelift (2006). The barn still has leaks in the roof!

  2007   The garden runs to 15000 sq metreswhich includes an orchard of cherry trees, 9 rows of muscat eating grapes & several rows of wine grapes (looked after by the farmer!), vegetable patch and flower gardens and is a lot of work to keep up!!
The main project for 2006 - 2007 was the construction of a pond with much help from visiting family & friends. The plants have all grown really well and the goldfish have multiplied. There is always something interesting to see.                  2007