The Surrounding Area


The Petit Saint Jean is situated in  the vineyards of the Luberon, with a backdrop of the Luberon range.

Winter view from the roof during the renovation in 1998


Saint Victoire, Cezanne's mountaing, dominating Aix, can be clearly seen from our garden, and is a popular winter hike for us.



The southern Alps ski regions are 2.5hours drive away. 




Snow is considered rare in Provence. However on  21st Nov 1999 it snowed all night and most of the day.  Then in March 2001 we had a very heavy freak snowfall which did major damage to trees and pylons in the area. 

The snow is too heavy for the branches and has to be quickly cleaned off. The olives are harvested in Nov/Dec.  We have just picked the 2007 crop - 92 kilos which will be about 16 litres of oil.






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