The Great Pizza-Bread Oven


Our builder Stephane has been promising to build us a traditional bread oven for the last six years. This is an art known only to the initiated, and so it was a privilege to us to see how it is done.

Added to which we have had some great pizza parties since, as well as cooking our xmas suckling pig in there.


A strong base of reinforced concrete, sand and fire bricks is first constructed, and a chimney carefully built near the mouth.

A mound of earth from the garden is then "plastered" to make the mould. Fire bricks are  built up, end on, to form the oven. Every brick has to be cut to fit.


A wall is then built around the oven, filling with sand for heat insulation.
Stephane, the "artiste"


The oven is eventually plastered, and a tiled roof fitted, and so becomes "invisible"

My contribution was to remove the earth mould after the brick work was finished.

Seven barrow loads of earth came out!!

Lucy, Stephane's wife, bravely volunteered to do the final cleaning and pointing of the joints inside the oven. She spent the best part of two days in this position.


The finished Oven    Oct 2003
The chef at the ITER Pizza Party - July 2007