The Great Kitchen Renovation 2003/2004

When we moved into the house the kitchen was "serviceable" and so, for financial reasons we did not touch it. Our Architect wanted us to remove the existing staircase, which considerably restricted the kitchen space, and the rebuild.


In 2003 we finally made a start (after 6 years) by removing the staircase.

I am told a normal reinforced staircase should weigh about 300kgs. This one weighed 3 or 4 tons, and took a week of jack hammering to remove.

Fred Müller, and Sue and Dave Speck were roped in to help.
A false ceiling was installed and we proceeded to dismantle the rest.
I cooked outside.

Jenny chose the new granite tops

The floor was stripped out and relaid.

(note my dust proofing)

Quentin helped to install the mantle piece (a very old oak beam).

The new furniture arrived a week early (the building was a week late).

Note the beautiful stone corbal from the Rognes quarry.
The dream kitchen is finished.

The oak doors were designed by us and made superbly by the "Atelier des Remparts" in Pertuis.

Mega-drawers and cupboards, with hydraulic action.
In use,

Xmas 2003