Interior Le Petit Saint Jean

A vaulted ground floor cellar is one of the features of Provencal farmhouses. The previous owners of the Petit Saint Jean opened up one wall and converted it into a very cosy dining room.
We converted the old stables and lounge into a large dinning room with an attractive arch in the centre.Note that where possible we kept original features, such as sections of the animals' mangers.

The Lounge Room... before, 

during and

after Renovation


 The large hallway and mezzanine balcony.This room is the hub and centrepiece of the house.


The fountain in the hall

Designed to replace some humidity into the air.


Upstairs kitchenette

for visitors use.

(Note lovely tiling by Dave Speck)


Music is central to life in the How household. Hence we converted one part of the house into a music room, complete with acoustic chestnut flooring (laid personally by John!!).

Music Room During Work...


Music Room - finally finished..